Article, Workshop and Written Lecture
about Alexander Technique

Or Shahar

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F.M. Alexander

A lecture by F.M Alexander from 1935

In 1935 F.M Alexander gave a lecture in a college for physical education In Bedford, part of the lecture can be read here

The lecture was translated into Hebrew by Many Levi.

Marjory Barlow

The annual F.M. Alexander memorial lecture

An excellent lecture from 1965 on the teachings of F.M Alexander The lecture can be read here


Interview with Marjory Barlow from 1994


A summary of a workshop held in San Francisco in 1995


Impressions from a lesson with Marjory Barlow.

Patrick Macdonald


A non published article from 1976 On Getting a Pupil’s Head to go Forward and Up.

A review of this article can be read here (Hebrew)


Part of a lecture from 1963: On Giving Directions, Doing and Non-Doing A review of this lecture can be read here (Hebrew) .

At the end of this lecture Macdonald names five characteristic Of Alexander Technique.

Walter Carrington

A short article about what Alexander Technique is in the point of view of Walter Carrington

Frank Pierce Jones

Summary of Article About Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique musician and Music

Alexander Technique and Science Research