Or Shahar is an experienced Alexander technique teacher and also a former assistant manager for many years at the teachers training courses for Alexander technique. Or gives private lessons in the center of Tel-Aviv.

I think that the best way to write my “about page” is to write about some of my Alexander Technique teachers, who taught me the technique.

Zeev Tadmor

My first teacher was Zeev Tadmor. Although he gave me just a few lessons he gave me a very special experience. As a matter of fact, after our first few lessons I knew two things. The first is that I knew that I wanted to get involved in it. The second is that I understood that he was not the right teacher for me.

Shaike Hermelin

By my good fortune I came to study in Sheiky’s Alexander technique course. There I met Linda Hermelin who taught me about accurate directions, I met Uri Eshet who gave me a special experience of the self. I also studied a lot from Dan Armon and Yigal Hermelin. There I was exposed to the work of Yehuda Kuperman.

Shaike taught me more than the basics. He taught me how to work with a metaphorical hoe. Through his teaching I have learned that “no matter what” I can always “inhibit” and “give directions” that will make things better.

Shaike taught me that if I need to cross the river I can build the bridge and he also taught me how. That has continued to be hard but it is also a very special gift that I received from him.

Meir Amit

Meir taught me how to use the wind. I was taught by him how to cross the river, this time by windsurf.

His special ways of teaching have inspired me and helped me to pave my way. He and his personality have encouraged me to find my own way in the Alexander technique.

Aviva Amit and Meir have welcomed me with open arms and generosity. Through their  support  I found within myself the roots to my river.

By my good furtune I have studied with special teachers, who have given me the right conditions for self development in the Alexander technique.